About the pillow

One of the most successful breastfeeding support.

Did you know that you and your newborn will clock over 1000 hours together at the breast?

The secret of a succesfull breastfeeding is the very close physical and spiritual harmony between baby and mother. To create this harmony is essential to be able to exclude any outside interfering factor¬: do not have to deal with how to find the perfect positioning which is comfortable for baby and mother too, do not have to concentrate on the cushions to stay secure.More important is to enjoy the wonderful feeling of breastfeeding.

Stile Baby Nursing Pillow is our solution! The uniqueness of this pillow is it can be placed in just one step and the baby is already in the perfect position for breastfeeding.There is no other more convenient position for baby and ourselfs.This ideal posture prevent to be the breastfeeding painful.In opposite to other, similar functioning nursing pillows, this special pillow always remain fixed in place, ensuring the best positioning for breastfeeding.

Thanks to the velcro solution the pillow fits up to all size and it ’s completely able to stick to our body. Also we can stay in the most appropriate physical contact with our newborn. Recent research has demonstrated how important it is for them to feel their mother's skin.This nursing pillow ensure the safety feeling for them.

The back rest of this pillow helps you mantain good posture during feeding, preventing sore backs and necks. Your maintenance will be also perfect , so it will not hurt your neck, waist, or back (nursing mothers often suffer to similar problems).Furthermore the arm and elbow rests help you to eliminate shoulder stress.

AOn the side of the pillow you will find a one-hand use, silent release buckle for easy-off, so it is not a problem if your baby fell asleep during breastfeeding.

The baby-friendly plush cover increases the comfort feeling, it can be removed with one step and it’s also easy to keep clean because is mashine washable.Slipcover stays fresh trough dozens of washes.