Benefits of the pillow

Easy to use: Stile Baby Nursing pillow can be palced in just one step with the help of a silent release, one-hand use buckle.

Secures to the body: No other pillow provides as much support for positioning, comfort and security.The pillow will stay in the perfect position.

Comfort: The back rest of this pillow helps you mantain good posture during feeding, preventing sore backs and necks. The arm and elbow rests help you to eliminate shoulder stress.

Convenient breastfeeding: Firm, flat front cushion eliminates gap between you and your baby, which keeps the baby from rolling in or away during breastfeeding.

Ideal posture: This ideal posture prevent to be the breastfeeding painful.

Adjustability: Has velcro for easy-on, silent buckle for easy-off.Extended strap for larger sizes..

Soft touch: The baby-friendly, extra soft plush slipcover increases the comfort feeling, do not irritate baby or mother’s skin.

Ideal for c-section tummies: The pillow takes off the burden of the muscles, so it can be a great help specially after a serious medical intervention.